Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mutual fund basics

A collective investment scheme managed by a portfolio manager on behalf of the investor is known as mutual funds. This manager invests in securities, bonds, stocks, etc. It is basically various investors pooling their money together and taking the help of professional managers invest it properly. Mutual funds are great for people investing a small amount of money. Unlike people with much money to invest in varied kinds of securities and stocks, people can get good returns with just a small amount of money. Regular investors put large amount of money in individual stocks to gain a good return. Unless you are very wealthy and willing to take the risk, it is best to invest in mutual funds.

Before entrusting the money for mutual funds, the objectives of the mutual funds are drawn out. It is based on the objectives that the fund manager can buy and sell securities and stocks. In most places, the net income and net realized gains from the sale of securities are distributed among the investors annually. You usually have a board of directors or trustees, which is entrusted with the charge of ensuring the fund is dealt with fittingly by its investment adviser, other service providers, and vendors, all in the greatest interests of the fund's investors.

In order to get better returns on the investments, the funds are invested in various kinds of securities. Some of the popular investment avenues include cash or money market instruments, stocks, bonds, balanced mutual funds other mutual fund shares derivatives like forwards, futures, options, and swaps.

One of the main reasons why today more people prefer a mutual fund is because it provides a great an avenue for investing for the old age, future education and much more. Here you are investing in a diversified portfolio, minimizing the risk. Even if there is a fall in the market, your loss is comparatively much lower.

The best part of investing in a mutual fund is that it is being managed by professionals. They are people who are well versed in the art of investing. It is their job to look at the market daily and make decisions based on it. They research and analyze the current market situation to make the maximum returns on the investment.

One of the Mutual fund basics is that it can be started with low minimums. You can invest regularly from your income into the fund. You can also withdraw money regularly from the fund into your bank account. There is no sales load or extra fee involved when you want to reinvest the capital gains or dividends back into the mutual funds. One of the best things about investing in mutual funds is that, in times of emergencies when you want cash immediately, you can liquidate the mutual fund. You will be able to get cash within a day.

All mutual funds are subject to market risks. One of the most basic things that come must remember while investing in a mutual fund is that one should invest only that much that he can afford to lose.

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